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  • Accident in industrial radiography - Ionactive Blog archive

    Published: Mar 16, 2019

    • Industrial Radiography
    • Accidents
    • radiation

    A radiographer was taking several radiographic shots on pipework at night - receives >50 Gy to the fingers and 7 Gy whole body dose. From the Ionactive blog archive.

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  • Overexposure of a worker (I-131) – Ionactive Blog archive

    Published: Mar 16, 2019

    • IAEA
    • I-131
    • Overexposure
    • Varskin 3

    A laboratory worker was contaminated with I-131 in a radiopharmaceutical company on February 28th, 2013. The worker was wearing two pairs of gloves and, when changing gloves, had noticed a break in the right inner glove, but not any obvious break in the outer latex glove. Later it would emerge that a significant overexposure had occurred. From the Ionactive blog archive.

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  • RPS Training Courses (Who attends?) – Part 4 – Medical

    Published: Mar 15, 2019

    • RPS Training
    • Medical
    • Radiotherapy
    • Brachytherapy
    • PET
    • Nuclear Medicine

    We have many delegates from the medical sector who attend our RPS training courses. Our non-medical delegates are amazed by the extent of ionising radiation use in diagnostic imaging and treatment.

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  • RPA Life – Explaining a problem you don’t have

    Published: Feb 16, 2019

    • Radiation Protection Adviser
    • Risk
    • Health & Safety
    • LNT
    • Radiation risk
    • HASS
    • Ionising Radiation

    A radiation protection blog post from Mark Ramsay, Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) for Ionactive Consulting Limited. Explaining the problem you don't have to users of ionising radiation, thus allowing them to home in on more conventional areas of health and safety.

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  • RPS Training Courses (Who attends?) – Part 3 – Research & Development

    Published: Feb 13, 2019

    • R&D
    • RPS Training

    Who attends RPS Training Courses? An article exploring potential delegates who work in research and development. Are you looking for an RPS training course? If so, following this link to our RPS training pages.

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  • New Ionactive Website!

    Published: Feb 08, 2019

    • Ionactive
    • New Website
    • Radiation Protection Adviser
    • Radiation Supervisor Training

    Friday, 8th February 2019, the new Ionactive website goes live!

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