Assessment services

We offer a range of assessment, monitoring and practical protection services. These are based on our knowledge and experience obtained over many years of working with a diverse range ionising radiation sources. Services include the statutory leak (wipe) test of radioactive sources, work place monitoring and environmental assessments, critical examination of recently installed equipment, and radiological assessments. We have significant experience in the design of medical related facilities (e.g. radiation shielding for linac, gamma knife and brachytherapy treatment areas). We also design shielding solutions for industrial sterilisation and radiography facilities.

Assessment can include:

  • Statutory wipe (leak) test of radioactive sources
  • Workplace and environmental radiation and contamination monitoring
  • Best Practical Means (BPM) / radiological assessment for radioactive materials and waste
  • Critical examinations of x-ray equipment and equipment containing radioactive source
  • Linear accelerator (etc) radiation shielding calculations and design
  • REPPIR assessments

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