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  • Ionactive releases new international RPO training course for delivery on site

    Published: Jul 20, 2019

    Source: Ionactive Consulting Limited, July 2019

    • RPO
    • International Training
    • On-site radiation safety course
    • Gulf RPO training

    Ionactive moves away from delivery of standard international RPO training courses in the Gulf and develops a new training product for providing bespoke radiation safety courses directly on site at the company premises. Covers Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE and further afield.

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  • Ionactive Consulting - new website for 2019

    Published: Feb 11, 2019

    Source: Ionactive Consulting Limited

    • Ionactive
    • Radiation Protection Adviser

    The new ionactive website goes live February 2019!

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  • Ionactive in Dubai (UAE) for 2019

    Published: Feb 06, 2019

    Source: Ionactive News 2019

    • RPO
    • Dubai
    • Training
    • Radiation Protection Officer

    Ionactive continues to deliver Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) training in Dubai, UAE during 2019

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