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Radiation Protection Video Presentations

Welcome to our Video Presentations page. Here you will find a variety of radiation protection facts presented using animation, sounds and video.

Simply make a selection from the growing list of presentations below and watch them in the video screen.

The presentations can be viewed as many times as you wish, either click on the chosen link again, or simply press 'play' again in the player. The presentations can not be downloaded, but we would be happy to discuss the use of them in your own presentations - please contact us for more information.

You can also see this resource, and much more, at the Ionactive Consulting YouTube channel.

1. Demo: Electron Positron Annihilation duration: 10 seconds
A Demo: Electron Positron Annihilation. This small demo video was produced by Dr Chris Robbins of GRALLATOR LTD. Copyright (c) 2008 GRALLATOR LTD.
2. The production of X-rays duration: 3.5 minutes
The first of a new line of video and animated features produced for Ionactive by Grallator Limited. This video looks at the basic principles of x-ray production in an x-ray tube - you can even fly with the electrons towards the anode! We use the DVD version of this feature in our training courses.
3. Radiation Shielding duration: 2.5 minutes
The second in our new line of video and animated features produced for Ionactive by Grallator. This video examines the basic shielding properties for Alpha, Beta & Gamma Radiation. A higher resolution version features in our standard radiation safety training courses.
4. The Inverse Square Law & Protection by Distance duration: 2 Minutes
This is our latest production from Grallator Limited. This presentation looks at the concept of the inverse square law and how it can be used for protection by distance. The concept is explained with an excellent simulation of a radiation counter - check out those clicks!
5. External & Internal Radiation Hazards duration: 75 seconds
A small video which looks at an external radiation hazard and shows how it develops into an internal radiation hazard. [No audio]
6. The Linear Accelerator (LINAC) duration: 11 minutes
The linear accelerator - a virtual tour from one end to the other!
7. Photon Scattering duration: 6m 9s
Welcome to 2009 and our latest video resource, produced for us by Grallator Ltd. Our Photon Scattering resource is actually more than the title suggests ... it examines the Photoelectric Effect, Compton Scattering & Pair Production. It also considers why the relative increase in shielding thickness decreases with increasing energy (with a threshold).
8. The Geiger-Mueller (GM) Tube Radiation Monitor duration: 8 min
The Geiger-Mueller (GM) radiation monitor is one of a class of gas-filled radiation detectors - probably the most popular in use around the world. Ionactive is pleased to add this new resource to our website. This resource contains audio.
9. CBRN - Radiological & Nuclear Hazards duration: 9 min
New resource for 2009! This video looks at the basic differences between the R and N in CBRN (i.e. radiological vs nuclear hazards). Since we tackle radiological hazards elsewhere this resource concentrates on what makes nuclear ‘nuclear’!
10. Radiation Dose duration: 11 min
This new training resource looks at the concept of radiation dose - Absorbed Dose, Equivalent Dose and Effective Dose. There are some really neat graphics and animations here to explain key concepts (check out the DNA!).
11. Gamma Ray Constant duration: 5min 30s
The Gamma Ray Constant – used and perhaps sometimes abused? "What is actually getting the dose?" and "Were exactly is it located?" These questions and more are explored in our latest resource which has been produced for us by Grallator Limited. The last, but by no means least, Ionactive resource for 2009!
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