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Radiation Protection Glossary

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Polonium - 210 (Po-210)
Polonium 210 (Po-210) is an Alpha Emitter with a Half-Life of around 138 days. Po-210 is all around us in the environment at low concentrations (e.g. water, cigarette smoke, NORM, Radon etc). It is also used in industry, primarily in static elimination devices where the alpha particle creates intense Ionisation which can neutralise positive and negative static charges. Since it has a massive specific activity (166500 GBq/g) its alpha emission actually causes it to be hot in gram quantities - this property has been used for power sources in satellites. The death of Alexander Litvinenko from Po-210 poisoning on the 23/11/2006 has raised its profile. Read our comments on this at the following links. Alexander Litvinenko Po-210: Ionactive Comment.