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Radiation Protection Glossary

Gamma decay (Co-60)
Planar source of ionising radiation
Ionisation Chamber
The Ionactive Radiation Protection Glossary provides an extensive range of terms, definitions and explanations associated with the practice of ‘Radiation Protection’ (otherwise known as Radiation Safety, Radiological Protection or Health Physics). The glossary covers basic nuclear and radiation physics, operational health physics practice, instrumentation and monitoring, and much more.

The glossary is currently undergoing an update with the inclusion of many new graphical images and diagrams to explain key concepts. This resource is likely to be of use to Radiation Protection Supervisors (RPS) and all others who have an interest in this subject area. Feedback is always welcome and suggestions for new or altered entries are always appreciated!

Graphical images are shown full size for individual terms. Select terms by choosing a letter below or by using the search box. The glossary is relational so you can click though from term to term if you prefer to simply browse.

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